Catissa – modular house for cats

Every industrial or product designer coming to idea of producing its own products. So am I.. Let me introduce to you the sample of the modern architecture for cats – Catissa.

There is a backstory of this product. I’m the owner of four adorable cats and I built the first cat tower for my cats, to help them escape from my little daughter’s importunate attention. She was 3 at that moment. So here is how this first cat tower looked like:


And that was the shame for industrial designer to give his cats such a messy design =) It was built out of wood remnants from a repair. I also used a bamboo screen, and the ramps were made out of carpet and wood.

But you know, people on Reddit gave to me so many positive comments that I decided to design another one. So then I build this:

Catissa1 colored_detail3 white white_details4 black_detail3 Catissa

For the new one I wanted to bring modern and minimalistic design to the cats’ living space and make it kind of an art object for the wall. I posted it again on Reddit. I got much more positive feedback that I decided to bring it to the market. But this is another long story..

Here is the web-store of the product

And one good guy who manage this blog, helped me with this text.

15 thoughts on “Catissa – modular house for cats

  1. Hi there
    I was wondering if you sell these wall mounted cat tree’s?
    If you do what is the price for them? And do you ship?
    Cheers heaps and look forward to hearing from you

  2. Hello Ben,
    At the moment we preparing production of the first batch of Catissa. For the customers who made preorder the price will be $350. The house will be collapsible and accompanied by instruction a-la Ikea.
    I can’t give you a final cost of the shipping at this time, but I believe it will be around $100 to USA.
    The second option is if I’ll find a way to manufacture Catissa in the Canada, but I think it will take some more time.
    I’ll be happy to notify you when all will be ready.

  3. WOW! Ilshat_mojorno, your design is amazing! I have 7 cats and when I first saw this, I thought to myself, “where can I get that!”. I think it will be a hit with all cat lovers and especially with the new generation that have space restrictions, bring this design to Sydney!

  4. These are wonderful! My four cats would love them. Can you tell me the dimensions of the four boxes shown in color photo? And can I pre-order them for shipment to the U.S.? Thanks!

  5. I liked your products but I want to know where can I buy the modular house and what the size of each module ?is this modules for adult cats,kittens or any age?is this a Sustanable material?

  6. Hi there, great product! Maybe you might consider to do one version with washable, removable cushions for breeders and/or owners of messy cats? Nadine

    1. Hi Nadine! Actually this sheepskin cushions are more than functional, it do not collect fur (as opposed to fabric pillows or faux fur) and hardly get dirty. And if the cat puked on the cushion, it is easy to wash, just rinse fur with warm water and soap. It is best not to wet the back side of the skin or it can warp when drying.

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