Design stages

product design – this is what we do. And that’s how we do it:

1. First of all we’re trying to dive into the subject, our client engaged with. We look at the products of his competitors trying to understand advantages and disadvantages of existing concepts and solutions. Then together with the client we creating statement of work. 
2. Using results of research, we create our own concepts of new product.
3. We hold meetings with the client and decide which one of presented concepts closest to the task.
4.  If needed we creating clay model, working with ergonomics and user experience.
5. Then  we building 3d model in Solidworks or Rhino in accordance with clay model. 
6. When 3d model accepted by client we make a visualisation and client gets photorealistic images of the future product.
7. After that design engineer comes to the fore and we starting a technical project. Collecting from client all the internal components, boards, connectors, etc.
8. Engineer constructs internal mountings for PCB, holes for connectors, mounting details of the case parts, etc. If necessary, an industrial designer refines his model using amendments from the engineer.
9. We send detailed preview 3d model to the client. He can use cross sections, make parts transparent and verify that all is going right way.
10. We refine 3d model by the comments from the client. After approval of the 3d model, the final prototype must be printed. It makes possible to check all mountings, set the electronics and test the first live prototype.
11. After all approvals, engineer creates the necessary design documentation for launching the product into production.

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